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Space Age follows a little boy named Coda as he journey's across the world in search for his dad, who left him home alone a few days previous with no intention of coming back. His wonder will take him all over a withering world on the brink of apocalypse, fighting monsters and solving mysteries. Every discovery will help him grow up and mature to match the dangerous world around him.

Inspired by games like Paper Mario: tTYD, LISA the Painful RPG, Mother 3, and the later Dragon Quest games, but with it's own definable unique style! Enjoy an original world to explore.

Install instructions

Just install and play!

If you find a bug or problem then feel free to tell me on my twitter (@iblamevictoria) or through my email (spaceagegame@gmail.com). I'll fix them and upload a new build ASAP. Simply copy-paste your saves over from the old version to the new and continue playing bug-free!


Space Age Demo 1.2.zip 232 MB

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